MV Realty MN Homeowner Benefit Program

The Homeowner Benefit Program ®, Where Agents Pay You.

We Will Pay You Today for the Opportunity to Serve as Your Real Estate Agent in the Future

We’re taking a fresh approach to real estate by giving value back to homeowners and building our business for the future. This innovative program allows us to create a long term relationship with our clients, well before a home is sold. To solidify that relationship, we’re willing to pay you and in exchange you agree to use our services in the future.

We’re a local real estate company with a unique way of advertising and getting business for our future.

Most real estate companies pay for direct mailers, billboards, commercials, etc. Instead of advertising in the traditional sense, we take our marketing dollars and put that money in the homeowner’s pocket.

There is zero obligation to sell, ever. 

The funds are yours regardless of your decision to sell or not in the future. Remember, because it’s not a loan, there is NO repayment. 

In accepting the funds, you agree to work with me or another agent at MV instead of someone else if that day ever came.

Down to the money! According to the address, we can pay you $300 – $5000 within 72 hours of our offer acceptance.  

We are a 5 Star Rated Brokerage – you can view our ratings and testimonials on Zillow.

Here are a few links for your review. Please look them over and call me directly with any questions.

I know you will find this information useful, and I’m looking forward to your phone call and working with you in the future!

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The HomeOwner Benefit Program

Lastly, you will also find that we have an A Rating & Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. 

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Text us your address to 952-210-2533 or 952-491-0533 and we will get you a cash offer in less than 5 minutes, or fill out the form below to find out how much you qualify for today! Please include your Name, Email, and Phone Number in the Message Box.